City Profile: Naucalpan

An image of the cover of the Naucalpan City Profile publication

Naucalpan shares critical sustainability challenges with Mexico City due to geographic proximity, notably those related to transport. Furthermore, deindustrialization, lack of integrated urban planning and climate change exacerbate everyday problems in the municipality, including air and water pollution, poor waste management, inequality and poverty. Better understanding the links between these issues could inspire transformative climate action at the local level.

Addressing significant climate change-related gaps in municipal data, knowledge and capacity is also critical to accelerate transformation towards sustainability in Naucalpan. Vertical and horizontal integration and formalization of climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes and projects could also help the municipality to bridge fragmented climate agendas, sectoral development projects and short-term administrations. Furthermore, existing community-led initiatives could be leveraged to anchor climate action and ensure buy-in from different actors.

Naucalpan residents are increasingly recognizing socio-environmental challenges and conflicts at the local level, as well as the shortcomings of the institutionalized channels for citizen participation. As a result, various informal spaces are emerging in the municipality, where citizens to voice their opinions regarding government decisions and projects.

A strategic long-term vision for a more sustainable Naucalpan should build upon existing local community-led initiatives, multilevel collaboration and transnational partnerships.