Community Survey at the Pilar Community

Cover of the publication

The community survey carried out by WRI Brasil, United Nations University - Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), Aliança pelo Centro do Recife and local researchers in partnership with residents of the Pilar community, aims to fill data availability gaps and provide relevant information for the development of Aliança pelo Centro do Recife’s initiatives.

The survey contributes to raising awareness about the local reality and strengthening community engagement strategies. It allows the community to learn more about its territory and combine tools to negotiate local improvements.

This booklet is an invitation to discover the findings of the community survey carried out at the Pilar Housing Complex in March 2023. In it, you will find a description of the context of the data collection process, followed by a presentation of the main results obtained, which offer a detailed image of local reality. The survey includes information about the methodology used and data about the people, their homes and the site.