For her research with Transformative Urban Coalitions (TUC), Alejandra Ramos-Galvez uses innovative approaches to study perceptions conveyed through visual narratives on transformation towards inclusive, resilient and sustainable urban development

How can cities radically decrease their carbon emissions while addressing rampant inequalities?

In Buenos Aires, the TUC Urban Lab is working with stakeholders of a neighbourhood upgrading programme in the Villa 20 area. The city's Institute of Housing, the Instituto de Vivienda de la Ciudad (IVC), coordinates the upgrading work.

Many of us live in cities. They serve as our homes and offer opportunities for collective work and learning while being breeding grounds for creativity, inspiration and hope.

2023 must be a turning point for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) amid challenges. They face setbacks due to conflicts, climate change, and the cascading effects of Covid-19.

Who: Lucas Turmena, Senior Research Associate – Zero-Carbon Trajectories at UNU-EHS
When: from 13 March to 01 April 2023
Where: Teresina and Recife, Brazil

More than 80% of Latin America’s population lives in cities, making it one of the most urbanized areas in the world.

Languages are a bridge to other people and cultures and a means to express beliefs and knowledge.